Collection: EasyRead Time Teacher

EasyRead Time Teacher was created by parents to help children to learn to read analogue time

We've made learning to tell the time easy for 20 years

EasyRead Time Teacher invented the 3-step teaching system in 1992. It is the simplest and most effective time teaching system for children. It is protected by copyright and by design registrations.

We designed a clock face that carries all the information we need to tell the time; but this still didn’t provide a sure-fire solution. We needed to help the child know which numbers to read at any point in time.

We realised that if we enclosed every number on the face in an individual box we could tailor the length of the hands so that the tips clearly indicated specific numbers . Now we have a clock that shows all the information we need and hands that tell us exactly which numbers to read.

This completely removes the mystery surrounding analogue clocks and watches.

Students no longer need to memorise all the missing information before they can tell the time, they simply need to read the numbers that the hands tells them, in the right order.


"Best kids watch I’ve ever found. My 7-year-old daughter LOVES her watch and is reading time without difficulty."

The ideal first watch for a child. The watch face contains all the information a child needs to learn to tell the time and wearing it every day makes sure your child gets plenty of practice! Range of bright colours, styles and extra straps, splash-proof or fully waterproof.

Alarm Clocks

“It’s light, small, easy to use, colourful, has an alarm, and teaches my children how to read an analogue clock. Love it!”

Combine learning to tell the time with understanding when to get out of bed! Bedside alarm clocks with night light and crescendo alarm, choice of colours and style.

Wall Clocks

"The concept of this clock is brilliant. I got it for my 5 year old and the very next day he was able to read the clock."

Time teacher wall clocks for home and school. The large clear clock face contains all the information a child needs to ``learn to tell the time, in a range of colours and styles.

Games & Aids

"Great to have analogue and digital time in one handy teaching aid."

Learning to tell the time is fun with our hands-on teaching aids and card games, perfect for use at home and school.