Fabulously Fit launches Bellabeat in South Africa!

Fabulously Fit launches Bellabeat in South Africa!

Bellabeat is a wellness company headquartered in San Francisco that develops wearable wellness devices for women. Bellabeat is a holistic, tailor-made approach to female wellness, designed by women for women. It provides easy-to-use and high-tech tools along with personalized programs that combine body and mind self care guides based on data and scientific approach, accompanied by an extensive wellness library. 

Lara Suttner is the CEO and founder of Fabulously Fit, the company that is bringing Bellabeat to South Africa. The company was born in 2017 on account of the wearable tech market at the time being dominated by unattractive products focused towards the male population. Fabulously Fit's purpose is to make fitness and wearable tech beautiful and accessible to women. With a focus on style, Fabulously Fit has strived to bring beauty to the generally sporty nature of wearable tech, transforming fitness tech into stylish accessories through their range of stylish smart watches and straps. This focus on women and style was the driving force behind the brand synergy between Fabulously Fit and Bellabeat. With a joint mission, Fabulously Fit is the perfect partner to bring Bellabeat to the South African market. 

Bellabeat brings intuitive wellness tools for women. Bellabeat creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track, manage and improve their overall health and well-being. Bellabeat helps promote a better, healthier

lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women — encouraging them to take care of their health through educational content and community support.

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