How to clean your metallic strap

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How to clean your metallic strap

After some time, you may see your strap starting to get a bit dirty, fear not, as the metallic straps are easy to clean. Cleaning your strap regularly will help maintain its shine. Follow these steps to clean your metallic strap:

  1.  Remove strap from Fitness device
  2.  Chose a mild soap, like a body wash
  3.  Place strap in soapy luke warm water
  4. Using your hands, rub soapy water up and down the strap on both side
  5. Repeat this a few times
  6. Rinse strap with clean water
  7. Place on clean cloth to dry
  8. Fit strap back onto Fitness device.

I hope this helps to keep you Fabulously Fit!

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